"Cathy is one of those rare directors who manages to be both a diligent and charming presence in the cutting room. She is always fully prepared and across all aspects of the production, and encourages creativity in us all. I always know that Cathy's programmes will be a joy to cut, meticulously organised, fun and full of creative flair."

David Lewis


"Recently I appeared with my son Felix on Bargain Hunt, where Cathy Clarke was the Director. We were both totally charmed by her. She is lovely-looking, merry, very calm, very imaginative and a terrific director, who doesn't miss a trick and holds things together. I do wish her huge luck in her career as a freelance and have no doubt she will succeed really well"

Jilly Cooper
Award-winning Author

"I've worked with Cathy on a number of productions over the past five
years. She's a calm and confident director who communicates extremely well
with both her crew and her presenter and contributors"

Shane Appleton
Lighting Cameraman

"Cathy Clarke is always well organised, highly competent and charming to work with. Creatively, she has a clear vision of what she wants but is open to collaborative working and knows how to get the best out of presenters, contributors and crews alike, which is why she never works with me! Oh and by the way - don't quote me on this!"

Paul Stas
Lighting Cameraman

"Having worked with Cathy for more than two years I can confidently say that she can handle any situation thrown at her and deal with it in a calm and considered manner. She's shown the rare ability to motivate and inspire people - contributors, crew and production staff alike - and to get the best from them.

When a shoot has seemed on the verge of falling apart Cathy has clawed it back from the brink and I have learned a great deal from her professionalism in times of crisis and her knack of planning for every possible outcome. The BBC's loss is the independent sector's gain and I look forward to working together again soon."

Tom Payne
Self-shooting Assistant Producer
BBC Bristol

"I have worked with Cathy on a number of projects and watched her grow into a competent and confident producer / director. I've thrown some tough challenges at her, which she has embraced and thrived on.

Her research and planning are thorough, her directing and edit producing demonstrate flair and creativity. She's fantastic with contributors and on-screen talent, as well as being a great team player. I look forward to working with her again."

Susie Staples
Series Producer

"I worked with Cathy on series one of Wanted Down Under. We were setting up a shoot taking twenty families out to Austrailia. It was a small team and Cathy was an integral part of that team. Not only did she shine with her involvement and the connections she made with all the families but working with her as a PC, she is one of the few people who really goes out of her way to make your life easier.

Cathy was always working together with me to ensure copyright, legal issues and the logistics ran as smoothly as possible. I would love to work with her again."

Rebecca Coombs
Production Co-ordinator
BBC Bristol

"I have worked with Cathy on numerous BBC productions over the past 6 years. Cathy is an excellent, confident and well organised director who is a joy to work with. She is a great team player and not only has her own ideas but is always open to suggestions from other members of the
crew. Cathy is a real asset to any production"

Simon Glass
Lighting Cameraman


"Cathy has worked with me for a number of years, both as a researcher and director, in development and a variety of factual format series. Professional, hardworking, diligent and meticulous, she has been a great asset to the BBC Bristol team.

Over the last couple of years she has built on her considerable experience and expertise to become a talented and dependable director. Working either in isolation or as part of a large team, Cathy is both popular and well-respected. I would certainly recommend her."

Tom Ware
Executive Producer

"As a sound recordist I've worked with Cathy over the past five years and look forward to being on her shoots as they're always happy affairs and conducive to producing a good end product. She is a competent and inspiring team leader who clearly enjoys her work.

As a director she approaches her projects in a confident and well-researched manner and is able to impart her direction to bring out the best in the team as a whole. Furthermore, Cathy is sensitive to the wider experience of others and will loosen the reins when working with camera operators and presenters who prefer to be directed with a lighter touch.

Cathy's aware that there's more to making successful TV programmes than gathering great pictures and she is always sympathetic to the potential problems and challenges faced by the sound recordist. That makes me happy - and appreciated!"

Nick Bennett
Sound Recordist

"Having a director that knows what she needs to shoot and not feel the necessity to film everything that walks, talks, swims or flies, makes the day so much easier and is beneficial for all concerned. Cathy has that ability and after working with her for over four years, I would put her up there with some of the best. And she is always smiling!! Happy days!"

Rich Whitley
Freelance Sound Recordist

"Cathy is a great director to work with. Always in tune with the project, she is both incisive and decisive. I would not hesitate in recommending her."

Duncan Wood
Freelance Editor

"I have known Cathy Clarke for six years now as part of the original Bargain Hunt daytime production team. She soon accelerated up the greasy pole, becoming a valued researcher.Cathy's skills are multiple. She was a meticulous researcher, patiently pursuing a problem and arising at a satisfactory resolution.

Working on Bargain Hunt is a fast and furious process with little time for reflection. Cathy responded extremely well to the researcher's challenges and years later, came back to the team to direct my 'finds' at fairs and antique centres.

She immediately displayed an aptitude for directing with a smile and positive ideas of what she wanted to achieve but, and it's a big but, in such a sensitive and sweetly persuasive style that even the most strong of presenters was soon eating out of her hand.

This charm and style has stood her in good stead as she gained in experience and confidence, eventually directing some of the most successful and highly regarded programmes and stately home inserts ever seen on Bargain Hunt."

Tim Wonnacott
TV Presenter

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