...a little more about me.

As a director, shoots have taken me all over the UK and Ireland from muddy antique fairs in winter to crowded city centres, from locations in the suburbs all the way to London embassies and in studios to travelling roadshows. In 2007, I spent time in Australia as a sound recording director for a lifestyle / observational documentary format for BBC 1. I've directed well-known presenters, celebrities, experts, PSC crews, self-shooting colleagues, multi-camera set-ups and contributors.

Always keen to learn new tricks of the trade, as a sound-recording assistant producer working with several mixers (SQN and Sound Devices) I worked with very experienced directors and in future would love to work on documentaries.

Interviewing is a strong interest and I understand how to tackle sensitive subjects and maintain good working relationships with contributors. Meeting people is the best part of my job and I feel lucky to work amongst such interesting and creative folk.

Being in an edit as a producer has taught me you need as much dedication and creativity there, as when shooting the footage.

I have learnt to be feisty when necessary to keep shoots moving forward but I will always have a smile on my face and I love what I do.

Thanks for reading!

Cathy x

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